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Enjoy a classic car on your wedding day!

We have different models of cars for weddings in Mallorca. We have a collection of classic cars for weddings and events. The great advantage is that some models can be driven by yourself, a friend or a family member. Your boyfriend, your father, your brother or your best friend can be your driver. The best way to get to the ceremony, go to the photo session or get to the reception.

We put all our wedding cars in Mallorca at your disposal in the most special and different way.

Best of all, we not only offer you the possibility of enjoying the elegance of our cars, but you can also have the unique experience of driving them yourself, or choosing a friend or family member as your personal driver. Imagine arriving at the ceremony in a stunning classic car, driven by your father, your brother, or even your best friend. It will be an unforgettable moment that will add an extra touch of emotion and meaning to your big day.

From the moment you board one of our wedding cars, to the moment you arrive at the ceremony location, we guarantee you an exceptional experience full of glamor and sophistication. Our cars are impeccably maintained and carefully prepared to provide you with maximum comfort and luxury on every journey.

Whether you are planning an intimate wedding at a charming rural estate or a luxurious event at one of the island’s exclusive hotels, our wedding cars in Mallorca will add a touch of class to any celebration.